First and most important I am a Mother of 3 wonderful children who amaze and amuse me on a daily basis.  I have the privileged to stay home with them and have that daily contact that so many parents miss out on.  I am very grateful for that opportunity.  Before I had my lovely family, I was a normal college student who drank too much, did enough in school to get good grades, and what ever I thought (key word being thought) was healthy. Yes I know drinking too much and healthy together but as a naive young adult, I thought health was more about exercise and the number on the scale rather than the nutrition and activities you put your body through….

Since those days I have learned what it is like to get healthy from a not so healthy point….  I gained 40 lbs with the first pregnancy, 30 with the second and 20 with the third.  I did workout between, hitting the gym and running but nothing seemed to get me to where I wanted to  be.  That is until I came across and amazing group of people who had shared a lot of the same struggles.  Insanity changed my world around and to fast forward, I am very happy to be on the road I am traveling.

I am fit enough to run and play with my kids, handle those crazy days and long nights of colds and coughs when they come.  I have energy again, which I lacked for a very long time, and I have gained my confidence back.  I often have guilt do taking time to myself to get in a workout, but trust me I need them and the family would agree.  I am a better mom for becoming healthier and taking time to myself, we are not talking hours on end but just 30-60 minutes daily.  I love my family and now that I feel better I get to enjoy them a lot more, I am happier and more relaxed.  Anyway that is me in a very quick, smashed, rushed nut shell.  I would love to meet you and get to talk some more, if you are interested in fitness, family, nutrition, fun, and health….


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